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The Pacific Crest Trail is one of America's longest scenic hiking trails running 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. Wrightwood, located about 360 miles from Mexico along the PCT, is a popular stopover and supply point for hikers on the long walk through the backcountry, as well as an entry point for those challenging portions of the trail on shorter backpacking trips and day hikes.

From the sandy creek in the Cajon Pass, into Lone Pine Canyon, up and along the Blue Ridge to the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell, then edging along to Islip Saddle, the trail within proximatey to Wrightwood provides views of the extended metropolitan areas of Southern California and the Mojave Desert.

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Cajon to Lone Pine Canyon
Distance - 5 miles
Elevation at Cajon - 3,000 ft.
Elevation at Lone Pine Canyon Road - 3,665 ft.
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Lone Pine Canyon to Guffy
Distance - 16.5 miles
Elevation at Lone Pine Canyon Road - 3,665 ft.
Elevation at Guffy Camp - 8,233 ft.
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Guffy to Inspiration Point
Distance - 4.75 miles
Elevation at Guffy Camp - 8,233 ft.
Elevation at Inspiration Point - 7,352 ft.
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Inspiration Point to Vincent Gap
Distance - 3.9 miles
Elevation at Inspiration Point - 7,352 ft.
Elevation at Vincent Gap - 6,580 ft.

Vincent Gap to Mt Baden-Powell summit
Distance - 4 miles
Elevation at Vincent Gap - 6,580 ft.
Elevation at Mt Baden-Powell summit - 9,399 ft.
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Mt Baden-Powell to Islip Saddle
Distance - 7.1 miles
Elevation at Mt Baden-Powell - 9,210 ft.
Elevation at Islip Saddle - 6,650 ft.
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